We cordially invite participants of the 21st IAGP Congress - 1st IAGP Hybrid Congress to submit proposals for symposia, workshops, paper presentations, round tables, and poster presentations.

The official languages of the congress are English, Spanish and Italian.

Each proposal will be reviewed by two expert reviewers specialized in the field of the submitted abstract.

Deadline for proposals: 07.02.2022
Abstract submission is now closed.


What is the abstract supposed to include?
The abstract should provide a short summary of your presentation. It clarifies to participants the essence of your work and the method used. The abstract must include 3-5 objectives, and 3-5 references. Each abstract is tailored according to the form of presentation. Example: the abstract of a workshop needs to include a description of the workshop, and the abstract of a research paper presentation includes a brief introduction, method, results, and conclusions.
What is the difference between the types of presentations?
A Symposium is a 90-minute event where presenters/experts in a specific area present and discuss a subject of interest/expertise to them. The symposium usually includes an average of 4 presenters, each presents for 15 minutes; the rest of the time (30 minutes) is open for discussion and interaction with the attendees. Unlimited attendance.

A Workshop is a 90-minute interactive event where the conductor teaches hands-on skills. Participants are actively involved in activities and discussions that fulfill the workshop’s objectives. (The abstract of a workshop needs to include at least 3 objectives.

Each workshop leader needs to specify the maximum number he can have in his workshop.

A Round Table is 90-minute form of meeting where participants agree on a specific topic to discuss and debate. Participants are expected to equally participate in the discussion. Conductors of the round table discussions need to specify the maximum number they can have.

Paper Presentations are 90-minute sessions where papers of a related topic are grouped together. Each session will include an average of 4 paper presentations with 10 - 15 minutes allocated to each paper and 30 minutes to the discussion. The papers can include research, essay or case presentation that introduces your work to the attendees. It is an opportunity for gaining valuable feedback.

A Poster Presentation is a research/scientific information or experiential work presented in the form of a poster that conference participants will view. In poster sessions, a specific time will be allocated for the congress participants to discuss or ask questions.

Hybrid Groups are small groups where members from different countries participate in person in their regions as well as virtually.

Large Groups are 90-minute interactive voluntary Large Groups where we can create a space to share thoughts, ideas, dreams, phantasies experiencing a communal dialogue. Listening to oneself and to each other with a non-judgmental and exploratory attitude can inform the group members of important aspects of their individual and group identities.
Do I have to submit my abstract in more than one language?
Please submit your proposal in either English and Spanish or English and Italian. English is considered the official language of International Congresses. The official language of IAGP is English and Spanish. Since our host country is Italy, Italian as well as English and Spanish are the official languages of the 21st IAGP Congress. Also indicate the language of the presentation.
How many abstracts am I allowed to submit?
A maximum of two abstracts are allowed for a single presenter as a first author in two different types of presentations.

Also a first author in a presentation (e.g. paper) can participate as a second or third author in a presentation of the same category. He can co-facilitate one workshop and participate in one symposium or present one poster presentation.
Am I supposed to provide handout for participants?
It is advisable to provide handout for the participants of your work. It allows them to get a clear overview of the main points, or to sum up what they have heard afterwards. Handouts will always remind participants of what they learned from your presentation.
What does the congress hybridity include?
The congress hybridity will include the following:

1. For online presenters:

a. They will be able to present a didactic part by sharing the presentation or giving lectures.
b. They can also interact with attendees, and do experiential work in the main room with all the attendees or in small groups (distributing the attendees on the zoom breakout rooms).

2. For online participants:

a. They will be able to attend all the online activities according to their preferences. However, in some of the congress activities the leaders determine a limited number, which may make some applicants unable to attend this specific activity. Earlier registrations will be given the priority.
b. They may have the opportunity to attend some of the Pescara activities such as the plenary sessions, or some symposia.

3. For Pescara presenters:

a. They will present their work in person (including didactic part and/or experiential parts.
b. Some of Pescara activities will be presented/shared online depending on the nature of the presentation (e.g., workshops with personal sharing will not be online) and the availability of technical facilities.

4. For Pescara participants:

a. As Pescara participants can choose to attend the online and/or the in-person parts of the congress, i.e., they will have the opportunity to attend any of the online activities (the in-person registration includes the online part of the congress).
b. They will be able to attend ALL congress activities according to their preferences. However, in some of the congress activities the leaders determine a limited number, which may make some applicants unable to attend this specific activity. Earlier registrations will be given the priority.
What is the relationship between the online participation and the in-person participation in the congress?
Joining the in-person part will give you the opportunity to also participate and present online. The reverse does not apply. If you join only the online part, you are not supposed to attend or to present in Pescara.
What are the criteria for peer reviewing?
Each proposal will be reviewed by at least two reviewers specialized in the field/approach of the proposal.
How would the registrants be able to have access to the abstracts?
The Congress program and description of session will be published on the Congress website. Abstracts and author’s bio will be published in the Conference handbook
What is meant by “Hybrid Groups (HGs)”?
Hybrid Groups (HGs) are small groups where members from different countries participate in person in their regions as well as virtually.

Hybrid groups are supposed to:
  1. Include 5 to 20 members.
  2. Online registration of all group members is required.
  3. In some events, members can participate in the online part of the congress individually. At other times they can participate as a group.
  4. HGs will have specific activities/tasks to be presented in the congress program following the approval of the SC.
  5. Technical arrangements will be managed by the local organizers and the PCO. Conditions will be sent upon request.
  6. Applicants may be subject to personal interview for clarification of the setting and/or the technical facilities.
  7. A special time will be allocated in the congress program for HGs conductors to present their experiences.
When do presenters expect to have the feedback of the reviewing process?
You will receive the feedback by February 2022.
When would be the final acceptance of my abstract?
The acceptance of your proposal will be sent on your email. You are then requested to register in the congress to receive the final confirmation of the abstract submission.
If I am going to participate and present online will the organizers take into account my country’s time zone?
Allocating the congress presentations in the program will consider the time zone of the country of the presenter. Applicants will receive an email with the allocated time and send us their approval before announcing the congress program. If the congress committee does not receive the author’s approval before the deadline, this means that he has approved it.