Large Group Leaders in Pescara

Catherine Mela, M.D. is a Neurologist, psychotherapist, group-analyst, international trainer, supervisor and clinical researcher. IAGP Vice President, founding Chair of IAGP Research Committee (2012-2022). Conducted large groups nationally and internationally.

Thor-Kristian Island, M.D. is a psychiatrist and group analyst. He is previous director of Institute of Group Analysis (Norway). International trainer and supervisor. Conducted large groups for 30 years, nationally and internationally.

Online Large Group Leaders (A)

Carla Penna, PhD is a Psychoanalyst and group analyst in Brazil. She is a member of the Scientific Committee of the Group Analytic Society International. Past president of the Brazilian Group Psychotherapy Association and the Group Analytic Psychotherapy Society of the State of Rio de Janeiro.

Ivan Urlić is a Neuropsychiatrist, psychoanalytical psychotherapist, and group analyst. Former Foulkes lecturer, and IAGP secretary and board member. International large group leader. Special interests in group psychotherapy for patients with psychosis and PTSD.

Online Large Group Leaders (B)

Macario Giraldo is a Clinical Psychologist, psychoanalytical psychotherapist, trainer and supervisor. Special interest in Lacanian psychoanalysis. Founding member of the Lacanian Forum of Washington, D.C. International trainer and supervisor and leader of large groups.

Frances Bonds White is a Clinical psychologist. Former president of the International Association for Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes (IAGP), Co-chairperson of 2000 International IAGP Conference. Individual and Group practice of Psychology/Psychotherapy, Philadelphia, PA USA; Vice President for Training and Certification of the International Association for Transactional Analysis (199101995).

Online Large Group Leaders (C)

Adriana Piterbarg has an extensive experience coordinating socio-community activities; directing Public Psychodramas with more than 3000 people. Smoothly manage the virtual coordination of large groups, in zoom rooms for 1000 participants.