About Pescara

Blue, gold and green are the colours of Pescara which welcomes the 21st international IAGP Congress.

Although it has an ancient past, it is a modern town in both appearance and vocation, capable of creating new trends rather than imitating those of others which illuminate the night as it were the day and bring summer even in winter.

Blue is the colour of its sea, which in 2021 for the first time received an illustrious award for the quality of its water; gold is the chromatic character of the beach which runs parallel to the Adriatic Sea praised by the local poet Gabriele D’Annunzio; green is the colour of the hills which run gently behind the sea towards the majestic peaks of the Apennines which appear so near that you could even touch them.

Pescara with its sea and bridges, its echoes of its illustrious past and hustle and bustle of modern life and the architecture of Michelucci’s Aurum and the crystals of the twentieth century welcomes the visitors with a hug of hospitality, respect and above all the joy of living.

Pescara is a town of contrasting but harmonized landscapes, which has masterfully combined tradition and modernity and built its greatness with a constant drive towards the future.

Here time runs quickly in its perception and slowly in its enjoyment of the pleasures of life, big or small. This happens only where there is a real commitment to change and renewal without a loss of one’s real identity, where modernity goes hand in hand with the past and the “movida” perfectly accompanies culture.

Located in the heart of the Adriatic, the town was born by the banks of the river and reborn with an optimistic eye to the future.

Pescara follows the myth of eternal youth and is often able to reach it because it is able to promote itself for what it really is and not what it would like to be. Every achievement is seen as a starting point for new and stimulating objectives to reach, which make Pescara, in the words of Mario Pomilio “a town with a perpetual desire to forge ahead.”



In person congress will take place in the historic building Aurum, located at Largo Gardone Riviera, Pescara.

This stunning building from the 1910s was once a bath-house for the wealthy of Pescara, as well as a liqueur distillery. Today it houses one of the best and most innovative art spaces in the city, hosting regular exhibitions, live performances and conferences. Its fancy name, "Aurum - La Fabbrica delle Idee", means "Gold - The Idea Factory".

Airports and connections

Pescara is very close to Rome and well connected with many Italian Cities like Milano or Bergamo with their International Airports. You can find many possibilities to join the Congress. Please follow and use this information to fly, drive or arrive by buses to Pescara Central Station or Abruzzo International Airport.

Participants from all over the world may travel easily and safely with great transportation systems, either from Rome or from Milano.

Please use the links below to find the best solution and join the IAGP Congress: (Main one in Pescara) (International) (Local) (Local and International) (Local and International)


Thanks to “FederAlberghi Pescara” and its President Avv. Daniele Renisi, all participants will have special fees and a security System of booking.

Using the IAGP Congress Booking System you will find the best solution and the best rates to staying in Pescara City during IAGP Congress. For any question and any information, please use the link below and join the life of Pescara and Abruzzo Region.

ALSO: Use this booking System you will find also the possibility to join the Abruzzo Region and having special packages to visit and discover our Territory.

Health and safety measures against COVID-19

The congress organizers will follow the recommendations of the most recent health protocols. They will implement the necessary measures to ensure maximum safety for participants, in compliance with applicable local regulations.

The main measures planned include:
• Reminder of barrier gestures at the entrances to the venues and in all spaces (signage).

• Wearing a mask mandatory at the entrance of the venues and during the entire attendance to the event.

• Protective screens installed on the Congress reception and registration desks and counters.

• Hydroalcoholic gel terminals and dispensers at the entrances of the Venues, in all buildings, as well as in the conference rooms.

• Enforcement of the distancing measures applicable to the different types of spaces: using 2/3 capacity in each room; 4 persons per table and one meter between tables for catering spaces.
Welcome letter of LOC
Dears Friends and Colleagues,

Welcome to Pescara, the Italian City full of curiosity, science, nature and energy!

It’s an honour having all of you in our City. We really appreciate that IAGP will join the next International Congress. It also a way to continue our tradition around clinical psychology, psychotherapy and group analysis that started many years ago. So proud that IAGP will share this with us here in Pescara.

We hope that Pescara will be a new start after the pandemic period and a new bridge to improve our relations and knowledge and our humanity.

We invite you to visit this virtual tour
Enjoy the city and feel the atmosphere of our place.

All of you are highly welcome!

Domenico Agresta and Alessio Sangiuliano
LOC Chairs and Vice-Chair
Welcome letter of Mayor of Pescara City Avv. Carlo Masci
The period of the pandemic, which we all hope is finally behind us, has opened up the unexpected scenario of having the opportunity to host the 21st International IAGP Congress.

For three days Pescara will become the umbilicus mundi of psychotherapy present in all its aspects with an importance, which goes beyond meetings with the most illustrious scholars and professionals of the discipline.

Our town has the honour of providing not only the setting for the International Association for Group Psychotherapy and the Group Process Congress, but also a partnership for an event which probes the universe of the psyche in social dynamics in a historical period in which the equilibrium between human beings has been put to the test by the restrictions introduced to stop the spreading of Covid-19.

Every aspect of our relations with others, from simple handshakes to gestures of affection, have been upset, and everything will have to be sewn back together according to old and new parameters, as well as the material aspects.

The psychological consequences have given psychotherapists a role which goes well beyond the usual procedure of providing subjective and objective treatment and see them involved in facing new and old emergencies.

Today, as we endeavour to return to a normal way of life, the support of specialists is an important key to understanding the present with a future outlook, for a new start with enthusiasm and a strong desire to plan for the future.

We must not forget that, before the economic laws, we have to consider man with his experiences, aspirations and confrontation with reality.

A world congress like the IAGP is not just an honour for the cultural and scientific vocation of Pescara, but represents a point of reference for establishing a future vision.

I wish you all a very successful and productive congress and I am sure that you will always remember Pescara for its hospitality and friendliness.

Avv. Carlo Masci, Mayor of Pescara
Welcome Letter from President Feder Alberghi Avv. Daniele Renisi
With great pleasure I address the warmest greetings from the Federalberghi Association and my personal one to all participants in the 21st IAGP INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS.

This event represents a prominent event on the national and international scene, an unmissable opportunity for all of us to confront and put relationships, group interactions and teamwork at the center of the life and growth of every human being than ever before. this moment is a necessity and a value for the whole world. In particular, the President Prof. Richard Beck and Doctors Mona Rakhawy and Cristina Martinez-Taboada.

We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the local administrators of the Municipality of Pescara who demonstrate great sensitivity and a spirit of collaboration for the realization of an event of this promotional depth that will highlight the city and the entire Region.

I also want to express to the Abruzzo professionals present within the IAGP (Domenico Agresta, Maria Antonietta Martelli, Alessio Sangiuliano), to the Department of Psychology of the University of Chieti -Pescara (Prof. Nicola Mammarella) and the Regional Order of Psychologists (Pres. Dr. Giuseppe Bontempo and his Team), my applause for the demanding organizational and highly operational effort andWELCOME for having believed in the potential of our territory and having promoted it all over the world. I therefore wish to all those who will be present at the congress, to the Professionals and to the Accompanying persons, my most affectionate wishes for a peaceful stay in the city, inviting everyone to enjoy the good Abruzzese life, with the hope of having you for many years to follow. as our guests and ambassadors of our territory in the world.

Certain of a great success, I offer my most sincere and cordial greetings.

Daniela Renisi
President of Federalberghi Pescara and the Province