General Information

IAGP online version will be held on a professional virtual platform (OnAir) using Zoom where keynote sessions, symposia, workshop, free paper presentations and panel discussion will be held.

Opening of the virtual platform: July 15th

Online General Information


Session talks will run through the Zoom app used in our virtual platform. Sessions will be in real time.

You will connect to the zoom link 20 min before your session starts through the OnAir platform. You will find the correct Zoom link under your session name. If you cannot access your Zoom link, please contact us by email at: iagpcongress2022@kuonitumlare.com

Two different Zoom formats will be used for the presentations:
Zoom webinar: for plenary, symposia, panel discussions and FPP (Free Paper Presentations) Participants will be able to watch the presentation and listen to the presenter. Questions will be asked written through the live Q&A tool from Zoom. Participants will not be visible nor able to speak.
Zoom workshop: for workshops participants will be able to watch the presentation and listen to the presenter. Questions/discussion will be asked orally by unmuting and switching on the camera. Participants will be visible and able to speak.

For symposia, Panels and FPP

  • Connect 20 min in advance to the block of session your talk or chair role is related to in order to check your settings.
  • One Host will be connected on the Zoom and helping you with audio and video settings if needed.
  • Once you join your Zoom room, kindly wait your host to promote you as panelist (and eventually co-host).
  • Chairs are the time keeper for the session.
  • Chairs will introduce the speakers for the session.
  • When the time comes for the speakers, session chair will invite them to unmute and share your presentation.
  • Once a presentation is finished speakers can stay in the Zoom room with camera and audio switched off.

Pro-Tips for best use
of the OnAir platform

  • Check our Introduction Video to OnAIR virtual platform and its main features.
  • For a better experience, we recommend using Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Opera browsers. The virtual platform will also work on recently updated browsers from Mac or PC such as Safari or Firefox but some features could be altered. The virtual platform does not work with Internet Explorer.
  • The virtual platform is designed for desktop and laptop computers, not for mobile.
  • Check your internet connection, bandwidth requirements – 2.0 Mbps up – 4.0 Mbps down for optimal use. You can test the speed of your internet connection here.
  • Some VPN, Firewalls or company restrictions might interfere with some platform functionalities. Make sure that you can switch them off if you face technical issues.
  • Anytime during the conference, you will be able to contact us via the live chat support.
  • You can run some tests from these 2 links below. It will scan your audio/video settings and will tell you if your device is compatible for audio/video streaming.

Training Sessions

2 training sessions are organised for online presenters. Both training sessions will be the same so you only need to attend one of them. The training sessions will last about 1 hour, including a pre-recorded video followed by a live Q&A. If you are unable to attend the training sessions you will be able to connect to the platform anytime and see the entire training in replay.

The training dates and times are as follows (CEST – Paris)

  • Tuesday 5 July – 15:00
  • Thursday 7 July – 10:00

On-Site General Information


Only presentations in PowerPoint or PDF will be accepted.

All onsite presenters will be requested to send their presentation (Powerpoint or PDF) by email to this email address congresspresentations@iagp.com - in advance of the conference at the latest by July 8th. Technicians from the venue in Pescara will be able to access your presentation and display it in the correct room. Presenters cannot use their own laptop (Mac or PC). USB Memory sticks can be used to provide last minute versions of the presentation already sent.

There will be audio/video equipment in each room. Computers will be Windows based and presentations will be launched in PowerPoint or PDF reader.

Speaker Consent: Important

All presentations and sessions are being recorded and will be available on the virtual OnAir platform only, for one month after the conference. By giving your talk at IAGP 2022 hybrid meeting you accept to be recorded. We kindly ask to verify that you have read the terms and conditions of the Speaker agreement.